Become a Trader

There are many reasons to set up a business in Swansea Market. It’s a popular shopping destination and being part of Swansea’s heritage it’s a tourism spot that attracts plenty of footfall, on average 80,000 visitors per week!

Not only is there reasonable rent and high occupancy, there is also a strong sense of community within the Market.

It’s no wonder it’s been a commercial hub in the city for centuries!

We’re always looking for traders with creative and innovative ideas to bring something different to the market. So if you’re interested in trading at Swansea Market, there are two options available:

  • Casual Trading – Daily or weekly bookings for trading on a trestle table (4ftx6ft) within our casual trading area. Ideal if you want to trial run a business idea or expand a hobby into a trade.
  • Stall Holder – Trading on a more permanent basis for those looking to establish themselves in the market.

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