Bakery & Confectionery

Every morning the enticing smell of delightful baked goods perfumes the market. Bread, rolls, cakes and pastries, pies and pasties are all freshly made; whilst throughout the day the aroma of hot off the griddle Welsh cakes fills the air and superb sandwiches and baguettes are made to order.

A charming array of retro sweets, classic chocolates and contemporary confectionary is available for those with a sweet tooth.

Market stall key table Baker
1  Good News Swansea  Confectionery/Cigarettes
20b  Aunt Carries  Confectionery
36b  Davies of Mumbles  Baker
44a  Jan Evans Bakery  Baker
44b  Arlene’s Sweetie Jar  Sweets
55d and C3  Norfolk Bakery  Baker

Market Map

Market Map

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